Spring Clothes Haul

6:21:00 AM

1. Forever21: 14990 won

2.Forever21 : Paper-liked skirt
this gorgeous dress that I can wear to party. I was not gonna get it but I saw the price, it was discount from 59800 to 12990 won !!!!!! OMG!! so I try it on and it fit me O_O
3. Forever21 : Military Jacket 
I walked to the "Last piece" sale and found this. It was discount from 51800 to 24990 won (23$)
4. Floral T-shirt: I bought it from www.gmarket.com
5.Tutu Skirt:  I bought it from www.gmarket.com
6. Olive dress: from thailand
7. Floral dress:  I bought it from www.gmarket.com
this is not in the vdo- I just got it yesterday lol
8. Workshop dress
 this is the dress I wore in the vdo

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