Futuristic Trend

11:21:00 AM

I'm feeling so galactic/futuristic, loving all space print and metallic clothes right now
Here are my picks from high-street brand. The clothes are in the affordable price range for a student like me.
Since I was young I always love astronomy  I was always fascinated by the mystery of our universe. This is why I chose to study aerospace engineering in the first place. In the hope of discovering the secret of the universe.

Metallic Dress by Lovemetender, 3390 THB
Topshop Space print night sweatshirt, 28 GBP

Topshop Metallic Latex leggings, 20 GBP
ASOS Sweatshirt with Galactic Horses, 28GBP
Topshop Cosmic Printed Tube Skirt, 28 GBP

ASOS Leggings in Photographic Galaxy Print, 25 GBP

Topshop Metallic Seam Shift Dress, 55 GBP
Princess Polly, Cosmic Print Dress, 70 AUD

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