Shine Bright Like A Diamond

12:40:00 PM

I always love glitter, crystal, everything shiny. Well I mean who doesn't? Everything is better with sparkle!Well that's probably not true, but anyway many girls do love sparkle, I guess the reason is it catches the light and it looks so beautiful when it does. All the precious stones are also sparkle.
Diamond, aka a girl's best friend, aka the most expensive gemstone in the world, has relatively high optical dispersion which makes diamond able to disperse light in multicolored and makes it beautiful. But the problem with diamond is that diamond is not affordable for everyone. Crystal, sequin and glitter also shine in multicolored in a similar way diamond does but in a much cheaper price.
I've been so obsesses with sparkle for quite a while now and since this is a holiday season, there are many companies that are selling sparkly clothes and accessories, I became super obsessed with sparkle! 

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