September Wishlist: Relax Fit Dress with Obi Belt

11:23:00 AM

This month I am in love with relax fit dresses/jumpsuits with Obi Belt. The bell sleeve and the relax fit is super comfortable to wear whereas the fitted obi belt accentuate the waist and make your figure looks awesome. Combining these two together, you will look super sexy without trying too hard. The trend has been going on for quite a while since 2012 but not until now that I like this kind of dresses. I don't know why my style changes quite a lot these past few years. Anyway the dresses/jumpsuits range from both bold print to just a monocolor dress and from bright color to dark color. Whether you like dark, bright color, print or no print. the relax fit dress with obi belt is a perfect add to your wardrobe. 

Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) FW13


 My September 2013 wishlist from somehow most of the dresses I want turn out to have similar style. Hmm..

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