A Fashionista's Birthday Gift

5:44:00 PM

So today 16 FEB 2014 is my birthday and I turned 23. I got to celebrate my birthday this year with my family, My mom and dad took me to a Japanese restaurant called fuji where I get to eat raw salmon [yum yum] then we bought a strawberry cake. It was a really intimate birthday celebration. 
As for the birthday gift, I got an early birthday present from my best friend. She opened it before my birthday because I was sneaky haha. I can't resist presents. So I unwrap and found this fashion postcards book. It contains some fashion drawings and instructions like "Draw the print", "Color and Customise these hats". Such a cute postcards book. I recommend this book to anyone who love fashion either as a present or as a personal use. I am going to have so much fun playing with these postcards :)
Oh and before my birthday, it was my other friend in Korea's birthday so I design an outfit for her and draw it based on her look. The design inspiration is from my friend's hair color which is a dip dye blue-purple. I like the final look. Let me know what you think of my design. Oh did I mentioned that I took a fashion drawing courses for 18 hours? The course finished in January and now I can draw whatever design I have in my mind now. :D
Have a good day guys, see you in my next post.

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