The Hunt for iPhone 6 in Bangkok

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My Obsession with Gold and Shinny Things

Lately I have been a little obsessed with gold colour, I have a lot of gold accessories and even for my make up I love everything in gold packaging so YSL and Guerlain are my go to brand for lipsticks. The plus point is that their lipsticks formula are as wonderful as their packaging. 

I am currently in Indonesia for a job training and last week I made a trip back home (Thailand) I had a plan to buy iPhone6 as it hasn't been out yet in Indonesia and the price in Thailand is probably cheaper. One thing I didn't realize is that iPhone 6 is on such a high demand in Thailand that it is sold out in most of the store. In the stores that still have them they only have 16GB which from my experience of using the first generation of iPhone and iPhone 4, 16GB is not enough. I went to 4 different more to search for iPhone 6, 64GB in gold and finally found it two days before I flew back to Indonesia. I was so happy. After getting iPhone, I realized that I have to get a good phone case because the phone is too thin and quite slippery. I went to Siam Paragon, and as soon as I saw this X-Doria metallic gold case, I know I need to have it. The design is just brilliant. It made an iPhone looks even more expensive than it already is(sorry Apple). I am so happy I got it.

On the day I flew back, while I was doing some shopping at KingPower Duty Free I saw this gorgeous gold OPI nail polish in "Glitzerland" and I thought it would match with my phone so I bought it.I know this sounds a bit silly but I like it when I have a matching phone colour, case colour and nail colour. Just to add something beautiful to my life and brighten up my mood

iPhone 6 in Gold with 

OPI Nail Color in Glitzerland in Metallic Gold

Sorry for the lighting, I took a photo at night after coming home form work.

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