2015 Travel Diaries: Ibiza - Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta

12:22:00 PM

Traveling is hands-down the top priority in  my life. Every time I travel, I am exposed to a whole different part of the world I previously knew nothing about. I gained invaluable experiences through seeing new places, meeting other people, experiencing new food and I get inspired by them.

It was quite an adventure for me to get to Cala Salada. First I saw on the map that it was around 4km from Cala Gracio and I was trying to walk to this beach. After walking for almost half an hour I got lost and ended up on the hill full of villas and  ended up on a dead end so I had to walk back to the resort I saw earlier and asked the reception to call a taxi for me. The taxi ride made me realized how far it was and I couldn't have walked here under the hot sun but I don't regret trying though as I have seen some cool things like a car all covered with artificial grass along the way. Cala Salada was much bigger than I expected. I got the best view of it when I walked up the hill along the way to  Cala Saladeta. As usual I managed to find a quiet spot away from the crowd on one of the rocks to put my stuffs and found a perfect spot for swimming. The water here was crystal clear, deep enough to swim without my feet touching the bottom of the sea.

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