I Write My Own Future

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This morning, I woke up to a whole new level of consciousness. It’s like I have been living my life unconsciously all this while. I was there in every single event in my life but I was not fully present. I let other people defined how my life turns out to be because I think there is something called destiny. But now I have realized that the only person who has the power to determine my future is me. I am the author of my own life. In fact, everybody has this ability to create their own destiny, it is our birthright, but not many people believe so. This is why there are only a small number of successful people in the world. Earl Nightingale once said “the only difference between the men who earn big incomes and those who earn small incomes is that those earning big incomes decided to earn more” This totally makes sense to me. The people who never decided to be rich will never think about what they should do in order to be financially independent.  In the same philosophy, the people who never decided to be happy will never learn how to be happy.

Life is beautiful, full of abundance and prosperity. Focus on the positive aspects of your life and you will only see more of that. Lately I came across a lot of inspirational young people on YouTube who are living the life doing what they are passionate about instead of what society thing they should do. All of them have one thing in common which is the belief that they can achieve whatever it is they want to. One of the examples is a channel called ‘High On Life’ on Youtube. The channel is created by four guys who love traveling. Initially they are people who are doing 9-5 jobs but now they are just are traveling the world for living. All of this could happen only because they decided to make it happen. They destroyed the belief of the majority that traveling is only for the rich by being the living proof that you can travel the world starting with a small amount of saving. Don’t let your financial limitation of today prevent you from having the life that you want. Your limitation of today is NOT your limitation of tomorrow. Change your thought, change your action, and change your perspective about money and you will be much more fulfill in life. Yes it is true that you can do more when you are rich but that doesn’t mean that you cannot travel with little money. I, too, love traveling and would love to travel around Europe while I can. My friends look at me and thought I am rich to be able to travel this much but the truth is I just perceive money and luxury different than they do. Whenever I go on a trip, I chose to spend more money on the experience instead of on the accommodation.  I stay in a hostel or Airbnb so that I can spend more on food, airplane, train ticket or the admission to tourist attractions and be able to stay longer in one place. When I went to Sicily for one week, I was able to travel across the Island from the East to the West and from the North to the South only because I was using mostly public transportation. Yes it is tiring to use public transportation in Sicily and it consumes a lot of time but in the end I get to see all the highlights of Sicily and I feel very accomplish by that. To me the luxury of traveling is not staying in 5 stars hotel or dine in Michelin stars restaurant but getting to watch the sunset in a different location, eating at local restaurants, going to new places, climbing a new mountain, swimming in a sea I have never been to and meeting the wonderful people along the way.

Anyway my point for this post is, you really have the ability to write your own future. You can be whoever you want as long as you believe in it.

Do MORE of what makes you happy!!

The photos are taken at Capo Gallo National Reserve near Mondello beach in Sicily. It was a beautiful place, the water is crystal clear and landscape is much more beautiful than Mondello beach. I encourage you to go there if you have a chance to visit Mondello beach.

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