There are so many fashion blogs right now, will this one make it to the top?

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"There are too many fashion blogs right now"
I guess this is what everybody thinks, I hope you won't feel the same when you are reading my blog. My dream is to express my voice in the fashion world by injecting my colorful vibe into the world where most of women love wearing black. For me life is too short to wear boring clothes and colors are the best thing invented by god. Color expresses my mood, color lifts up my mood, color shows attitude, it shows the world who I am.

Photo by  Bhanu Pratap Singh Rathore

"Will this one make it to the top?"
Honestly, I don't know, but I hope so. In any industry, being famous is luck + hard work. In the world of fashion blog, first of all you need to have a real passion, then you need to have a different voice, you need to have an amazing style, you need to put on real hard work and pure dedication to your blog, you need to have a personality and on top of that you need luck. If you read the story behind the success of Kayture or The Blonde Salad, you can see how much hard work these girls and their team put into growing their blog audiences.

Photo by  Bhanu Pratap Singh Rathore

"What is A Dress Girl?"
A Dress Girl is a blog about fashion, travel and lifestyle. My fashion sense has been influenced by the countries I have lived in the past few years. No one ever told me “You have Korean style” or “You dress like a European girl”. My style is not of one country but a mix of different cultures and the way each country see as fashionable. When I came to Italy, I was wearing my pastel fur jacket walking across the Duomo Square in midday and everybody was staring at me because it is not normal to wear a fur jacket in daytime here. I did try to blend in by wearing more of an elegant style here but in the end I stopped because it is not who I am and I prefer to stay true to myself. I think it is important for us not to be too lost in the trends. As for traveling, I love traveling. It is my favorite activity. If money and time is not a problem, I would be traveling every week. I mean it; I never get tired of traveling. Every time I go to someplace new, I experience new scenery, new food, new culture and I discovered something new about myself too. 

Photo by  Bhanu Pratap Singh Rathore

"Why did you name it A Dress Girl?"
When I first told them I name my blog A Dress Girl, they asked me if it might be "Address Girl" and I laughed. It's true the name might be a bit confusing but that is not my intention. I name the blog "A Dress Girl" because I AM A DRESS GIRL. I prefer wearing dresses to separates, My dresses take more than half of my closet space already so I thought why not name it "A Dress Girl". Yes it might not be the best name anyone could come up with and sometimes I wish I gave my blog a better name but in the end. This is me, this is who I am. I am not a name creator, I am just a girl who love to wear a dress. 

Photo by Slawek  Jarocki

"Why is now the right time for me to get serious with my blog?"
If you are waiting for the right time, there will never be the right time. This is what I told myself. It is better to make THIS time right than to keep waiting for the time that might not even come. Blogging has been around for about ten years or so but only in the recent years that the bloggers have a lot of influence, especially in the fashion and traveling industry. You can see fitness brands are sponsoring fitness bloggers to use their products and post the photos on Instagram, fashion houses are inviting fashion bloggers to the fashion shows, hotels and resorts inviting travel bloggers to help them promote the hotel/resort. It’s not like I am hoping to get all those. After all, I am doing this blog out of passion. It is a good time for me for blogging about fashion because I have an access to clothes at a cheaper price compare to back in Asia and since I am working I can actually afford something I could never bought when I was a student. Moreover, I can attend Milan Fashion Week since I am living in the city. It is a good time for me to write about traveling because it is very easy to go from one countries to another in the European Union as I don’t need to apply for another visa and every country in Europe is beautiful. I hope I can visit as many places as possible while I am staying in Europe. Finally, it is a good time for me to write about my lifestyle as I moved to a new country, experiencing new lifestyle, have a different social life. The best change for me in term of lifestyle is now I am going to the gym 3-4 times a week instead of zero times a week and I feel a lot better inside out. 

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