Unconditional Love

4:26:00 PM

Most of the time people don’t experience true love. That’s because our love have conditions. We love someone but we expect something back from them, whether it is love, attention, time, happiness, the sense of security, commitment etc. We are afraid to give in to love completely because we have a fear of rejection. We are afraid we will not get back what we give or as much as we give.

Here is the thing, when you allow yourself to love unconditionally, you are no longer afraid of rejection. You are allowing yourself to simply follow your heart without any attachment of results. You love fearlessly and freely. You will experience a carefree kind of love and it will make you truly happy. The irony is, as soon as you are allowing yourself to love unconditionally, you get unconditional love in return even though you are not expecting it.

The proof lies in the love of your mother. She loves you unconditionally even before she even met you. She loves you without expecting anything back from you but you are willing to give the love back to her unconditionally anyway.

“Love is the foundation of everything”

Wall of love - Juleit's House, Verona

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