70S Vintage Floral Shirt and The Perfect Sunset in Bangkok

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Today I wanted to try something new with my photos and edited them with the vintage look but ended up going back to my usual Hollywood look which I currently use on my Instagram because I couldn't get the desired look I have in mind. I got so inspired by the 70S fashion photos I found on Pinterest. If you are following me on Instagram you would have seen that on my Insta-story. Which is why the next day I had to do this vintage inspire photo-shoot with my new floral shirt from H&M, new denim shorts from H&M and new metallic high heels from H&M which I bought them all during my trip to Kuala Lumpur. The price of H&M goods in Malaysia is around 20%-40% cheaper than in Thailand because of the currency exchange. Too bad I only have a carry on bag, if not I would have bought more. I feel in love with this 70s inspired floral shirt as soon as I saw it. The print, the ruffle, and the color are all perfect together. The sunset on the day we did this shoot was also perfect. Looking at this behind the scene (BTS) photo and you will understand why I titled the post "The Perfect Sunset in Bangkok" The sun shine on the the road created the perfect gold-orange color. Too bad my friend could not captured a non-blurry the shot of me here. Capturing the sunset is all about perfect timing. The perfect golden sunlight only last for a few minutes in the final moment of the sunset. You gotta captured it fast before it's gone and you can't redo the shoot the next day because no sunset is ever the same. 

BTS Photos

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