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So back in 2011, I had a youtube channel with a couple of videos on it. Some of my videos at at time received over 10,000 views before I decided to delete them!! Why did I delete them? Oh well, I was young and was not able to handle negative comments on the internet that well. Of course there were a lot of positive comments on my videos but the negative comments really hurt me and caused me to stop youtube and focus on blogging. This year, 2017, I have decided to start my Youtube channel again. I have not decided yet what kind of contents I would like to have on my channel. I want to experiment on a couple of things. I shot a couple of videos during the past 1-2 months and will be uploading. The videos I have line up are fashion trends, lookbook videos, travel vlogs, travel films, law of attraction videos and much more. Let me know what you would love to see on my channel!! 
I love you all. <3 byeeee="" p="" xx="">

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