Sunset Swim with Mara Hoffman

9:47:00 AM

Am I the only person who is obsessed with sunsets and sunrises? Maybe not. But in my life I have never met anyone who like sunsets and sunrises as much as I do. I learnt to appreciate these little things in life and these little changes totally changed my life around. I became happier everyday as I spread the energy of love and joy to other people. I don't remember the last time I was really angry with something. Everyday my life is full of joy and happiness. I am carefree and worried-free. I let go of controlling how things will happen but I let it happen just as it supposed to be. The universe has a bigger plan for us and I truly believe that with all my heart. If I ever feel like I had a bad day, I would just look at the cotton candy sky and remind myself of how beautiful the world actually is and how grateful I am just to be alive to live to see the world another day. 

This photo shoot happened on the rooftop of my apartment in the heart of Bangkok, Thonglor. I fell in love with this little rooftop pool of my apartment since my first apartment visit and that is part of the reason I chose to rent an apartment in this building. I always wanted to do a photo shoot on this rooftop but there was no occasion until today. I am actually leaving this apartment in a few days so I better take as many photos here while I can. Also, I use this excuse to try on my newest swimsuit from Mara Hoffman that I got on Net-a-porter sale and let me tell you this is my favorite swimsuit that I have right now. It compliments my body and make me looks more curvy (every woman's dream).  Mara Hoffman is a swimwear and clothing designer famous for her artful prints and eclectic color. To check out the newest collection, visit her website here.

Photographer: Emil Mukh
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